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What our sponsors say

I have been to many of their concerts, both as RIPCO and NaBSCO, over the years. The enthusiasm and abilities of the orchestra, guest performers, conductors and program selections over the years have provided a welcome addition to the classical musical offerings in RI. Thank you all so much!

Rene Abeles

Providence, RI

I consider this the best bang for the buck  in Rhode Island, not only because it is so reasonably priced but because it offers us a chance to divert from the instant and constant pressures that living these days seems to necessitate. Here, I find I am in good company, in the presence of exquisite music and extraordinary musicians. One couldn't ask for more!

Maryanne Nolin

East Providence, RI

So many people do an incredible amount of work to make this symphony come together, and the music is really phenomenal.  People are going to be really surprised when they hear this symphony.  It just keeps getting better.

Bruce M. Goldstein

Partner, Allergy Associates, INC

Keep classical music alive in our community! I support NaBSCO!

R.H. Jagger

Pawtucket, RI

 I have found that the more I invest in this symphony, the more comes back to me in ways that I never expected.  Friendships, community, opportunities, and incredible music are all found in this incredible organization of people, and I encourage others to take the step to supporting the Narragansett Bay Symphony as it grows and settles right here in the RI community.

Matthew Knippel

Principal Cellist, Vice President