Narragansett Bay Symphony

Our Mission

Narragansett Bay Symphony Community Orchestra strives to share live classical music with our communities at little or no cost, to promote music education, enrich the cultural life of our region, and to provide the opportunity for participants to continue a life long study of music.

Our Vision

The vision of the Narragansett Bay Symphony is to develop a dynamic presence in our communities through superb performances of classical music.

To achieve this vision, we will:
• Constantly search for new and effective ways to reach the communities we serve, including educational programming;
• Work to perform with the highest level of musicianship we can achieve; and
• Maintain a spirit of friendship, acceptance and support within the orchestra.

Our Board

Music Director
Kristo Kondakçi

Assistant Conductor

Vincent Mattera

Current Officers
President: Ivan Kirschner (term: 2020-2022)
Vice President: Amy Goldstein (term: 2020-2021)
Treasurer: Katy Tetreault (term: 2017-2021)
Secretary: Amanda Chang (term: 2020-2022)

Members at large
Bill Farber (term: 2018-2022)
Anderson Gray(term: 2020-2022)
Kari Juusela (term: 2020-2022)
Jennifer Stanton (term: 2019-2021)
Barry Wall (term: 2019-2021)

Former Officers
Donna Gardos (past Vice President 2012-2015)
Bruce Goldstein (past President 2016-2020)
Becky Johnson (past Secretary 2016-2020)
Kevin Kane (past President 2012-2016)
Ivan Kirschner (past Vice President 2019-2020)
Matthew Knippel (past Vice President 2015-2019)
Saul Woythaler (past Treasure 2012-2016)
Susan Woythaler (past Secretary 2012-2016)

Former Members at large
Gail Agronick
Amy Goldstein
Donna Jeffrey
Ben Keating
Olivia Kleyla
Matthew Knippel
Lynn Rognsvoog
Mary St. Laurent-Sheehan

Susan Winterbottom-Shadday

Matthew Knippel

Previous seasons

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